'I've seen this film. It takes a sensitive look at the multi-cultural and multi-dimensional world we live in, explored through the developing relationship between a mother and her son's boyfriend.
Ben Whishaw is extraordinary and I can't wait to see it again.'
Sue Hay

Changes in the way Film Club works  
Film Club is working in a different way this year.

In order to make sure the costs of licensing the film and hire of projection equipment are covered, I am asking you to book in advance for 3 months.  This is why I am announcing the next 3 films now.  I need a minimum of 10 people at each screening just to cover the costs above, before any contribution to heat, light and power for the Studio, and so I need to know you are intending to come. I do not want to increase the per screening cost, which would be the alternative.

Please email or telephone your booking for the next 3 months, and pay online or by cheque (£15 per member) before 20 January, our first 2015 date, using the details below.
Thanks, and look forward to seeing you all!

Online to Cooperative Bank, sort code 089299, A/c Hay Studio 69574593
By cheque to Hay Studio, Trenewth, Burlorne Tregoose, PL30 3AJ

Membership costs £5 per annum and should be added to your first booking payment.

Tuesday 20 January at 7.30pm