October – December 2016

SITUATION: a programme of events celebrating on the joy of collaboration at HAY STUDIO.

The artists invited to participate in SITUATION shared the will to open themselves up to the influence of those they worked with, removing the barriers between traditional art disciplines.

We exhibited seascapes by Maria Floyd and celebrated the opening with a fresh lobster supper from Bella Nicholas and The Boscastle Fishing Co, washed down with wine from Chateau Civrac. We admired intricate botanical drawings and prints by Falmouth-based artist Lucy Morley, whilst feasting on canapes from Tom Forster of Got Game who prepares food using wild, seasonal and foraged ingredients. We were mesmerised by the movement of Physical Postcards - a collection of minute-long danced messages, performed in the landscape around Cornwall and filmed by Brett Harvey. Drawings, prints and embroidery byEmma Hambly formed the basis of a collaboration with Karen Christopher and Sophie Grodin of Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects as they tripped and faltered through their performance of miles & miles, bound together by 100ft of rope. International jazz musician Andy Sheppard returned to Hay Studio with his band, Hotel Bristol, to bring our season SITUATION to a close. An as yet unrecorded track, Forever and a Day, reflected Emma Hambly’s work, by leaving behind what had been played until then, and putting down a marker for what was to come. Sheppard is described as a ‘serial collaborator’ for his work with musicians of every genre around the world. He is influenced by where he is playing and who he is playing with, composing, arranging and playing differently whenever he ‘has more space to explore’.

The environment in which we choose to live and work influences how we feel, what we do, the people we meet and the places where we gather. They affect those who join and visit us, who bring with them new information and new inspiration. 

Each event in the SITUATION programme formed a path through fine art, food, dance, performance art, and music, together demonstrating how HAY STUDIO supports creative engagement with time and place, where the artists and audiences are more like each other and become vulnerable to the context in which they find themselves.

SITUATION revealed the meaning of this space and it's inspiring web of land, history, culture and place.